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The West is a culture in denial. In spite of large numbers of people who profess faith in religions that promise life after death, dying remains the great, universal fear. 


It compromises our ability to fully enjoy the life we have been given and forces many people into a state of constant anxiety and denial. It saps our productivity, damages our relationships and robs us of much of the wonder of life. Yet we should not be afraid of death!


Increasing millions of people resuscitated in emergency situations are reporting "Near Death Experiences" involving the clinical death of the body but the continuance of conscious thought. And the overwhelming number of these "re-born" individuals experience feelings of peace, joy and love they describe as more profound and comforting than anything they have ever known.


Jim Chapman is one of these survivors. He believes we all need to acknowledge that death is nothing to be feared, and should be accepted for what it really is - part of the continuum of life.

"It's time to stop being afraid. The real tragedy is not dying - it's not living! NDE's prove death is just one more step in the continuum of life and we cheat ourselves if we let it control our lives."


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