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A Christian extremist in the Oval Office. A dying dictator in the Kremlin. A doomsday cult in the Russian military. And a message from God that could change the world- or destroy it.


In 2025, Earth is dominated by two competing powers, a militant, oil-funded Russian Federation and a United States battered and disillusioned by world events.


While Chairman Nikolai Kharlamov struggles to hold his Federation together, U.S. President (and former televangelist) Billy Joe Harris promises his own country a spiritual rebirth while secretly planning a divinely-inspired nuclear sneak attack on Russia to clear the way for his fanatical followers to dominate what’s left of the planet.


Backed by senior military officers who share his vision of God’s will, the President quietly moves the world towards Armageddon until Vice President Paul Morgan stumbles onto the conspiracy. Shunned by Harris and seemingly powerless to stop the plot, he has forty-eight hours to change the course of history–


or watch it end in a nuclear holocaust.

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