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In this second Chris Carroll/Heavy Hart adventure, the murder of an underage prostitute and a savage attack on Chris’ former partner in Detroit Homicide send him on an undercover mission into the woods of rural Michigan.

Posing as an eccentric tourist, he recons a small resort town and stumbles onto a group of well-armed militia whose Leader has secrets to hide and bodies to keep buried.

Illegal drugs, human trafficking and an ingenious scheme to make billions from the Apocalypse raise the stakes even higher.

About to become a dead body himself after the militia learn his real identity, Chris is rescued by his friend Douglas ‘Heavy’ Hart, a heavily-armed former Special Forces operator who shows the make-believe soldiers what a real firefight looks like.


As the story ends, Chris’ worsening cancer and his deep ambivalence about stepping outside the law in search of justice leave him questioning whether it’s even worthwhile to go on. But he knows whatever happens, Heavy will be at his side.

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