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The West is a culture in denial. In spite of large numbers of people professing faith in religions that promise life after death, dying remains the great, universal fear.


We disguise it with language - people don't die, they "pass on", "pass away" or become "deceased". We pretend it won't happen to us, and insist that doctors work miracles to keep it at bay long after hope is gone. All because we're afraid of what death will bring.


I was too, but not anymore. 


The latest techniques in emergency medicine are now resuscitating millions of people who come back to life reporting "Near Death Experiences" involving the clinical death of the body but the continuation of conscious thought.


And the overwhelming number of these 'reborn' individuals report experiencing feelings of peace, joy and love they describe as more profound and comforting than anything they have ever known.


I Am One Of Them.


My Near Death Experience taught me that death is nothing to be feared. We are meant to see it for what it really is - just another step along the continuum of life.


It's time we all stopped being afraid. There is life beyond the one we know and that means the real tragedy is not dying – it's not living life to the fullest because of our unnecessary fear of death! The only power death really has over us is the power we give it to rob us of the joy of living. Take that away and we take back ourselves, we Come Back To Life.


Let "Come Back to Life" help you rid yourself of unnecessary, life-dulling fear.




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Come Back To Life

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Authors Note